Do you Know?

For more than several decades, the traditional education system has helped millions around the world learn the essential skills students need to live and work in the 20th century. From Microsoft Office and Apple Pages, most students have to use their homework or their thesis.

However, we live on  21st century with/in/Goolge world.
Today we use free word processing programs Google inspite of Adobe applications monthly payment system.
Moreover, web contents application also are easy to us because of most major hosting company giving easy tools to client side.
Web contents are nomore special high education level today.

If you’re willing to learn, we’re ready to teach. 

View one tutorial. Complete an entire class. We believe there’s freedom in the ability to learn what you want, when you want, regardless of income or circumstances. We offer tutorials on the subjects you need to continue your education—or get it started. 

Learn anywhere, anytime. 

Our classroom goal is open 24 hours a day and serves people from around the world.
Join the 60 million people from all walks of life who have come to the site to learn the essential skills they need to live and work in the 21st century. All you need is just your enthusiasm. No tuition No cost. Our calsses are opened to public.

Always here. Always growing. 

Web base education isn’t innovation. We’ve been here for more than 5 years, and today we offer more tutorials than ever. When you take a class with us, you know it’s up to date—and that it will be available later when you need to review.

Currently opened our Classes

HTML/CSS,  Adobe Photoshop®, Dreamweaver®, WordPress®, Bootstrap®, Online Shoppingmall solution(CMS)

[Fine Art]
Drawing, Painting, Transfer dye, Ceramics(**classes’ location is restricted, **ask us for ceramics ), and all crafts classes are ready to opening.


Charity is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit Status.