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Over the past decade, the USA and worldwide business style has changed a lot as online-based web shopping malls have undergone diverse changes with dot-coms, and online market revenues are increasing exponentially every year, despite the widespread of dot-coms.

However, most owners or managers do not have a chance to study today’s contents due to lack of understanding of web-related words in English and online marketing. 

Even the CMS (Content Management System) that can be approached easily now has more difficulties to utilize Korean immigrants, Chinese immigrants and most Asian immigrants, rather than ones based on their own language. Also, millions of fine artists want to study in Web based frame business solution.

But there are serious problems about online Abuse, copyright, trademark, illegal downloading or online scams. Even business owners receive a couple of scam calls every day.

Our class strives to understand how to build web pages with students’ own contents, how to use legitimate download applications, and where to start online business self. Also we open free classes in fine arts.

Therefore, our free web lecture aims to inform the online shopping mall operators about web related knowledge with Small Business Promotion Agency USA Office so they can have the ability to cope with themselves in the rapidly changing online market.

With a total of ten lectures, how to organize the homepage once a week, and how the current shopping mall or online marketing will look at the framing will be taught, so students will be able to conduct online business related work after class.

It is not easy to get free lectures in Korean as if in Korea, but it is the best opportunity for Korean people with all Asian who are running an online shopping mall or interested in operation. Now, creating a homepage (including a shopping mall) is not a problem. However, being a strong player in content competition is the way to survive in online marketing. I hope you will enjoy your content on the web with this free lecture.

I would like your interest in Free Web Design & Online Marketing Class.

with all staffs and students of Sinaburo classes

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