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The landscape of global business, particularly in the USA, has undergone significant transformations in the past decade. The proliferation of online shopping platforms, coupled with the evolution of dot-coms, has led to an exponential increase in online market revenues. Despite this growth, many business owners and managers find themselves unable to keep pace with the dynamic nature of today’s online environment due to a lack of familiarity with web-related terminology and online marketing strategies.

Even with the accessibility of Content Management Systems (CMS), language barriers pose challenges for Korean, Chinese, and other Asian immigrants, hindering their ability to fully utilize these resources. Additionally, a considerable number of fine artists express a desire to delve into web-based business solutions.

However, the online realm is not without its pitfalls—issues such as online abuse, copyright infringement, trademark disputes, illegal downloading, and scams are prevalent. Business owners are bombarded with scam calls on a daily basis.

In response to these challenges, our classes aim to empower participants teaching them how to create web pages with their own content, effectively use legitimate download applications, and initiate their own online business ventures. We also offer free classes in fine arts.

Our free web lectures, conducted in collaboration with the Small Business Promotion Agency USA Office, seek to equip online shopping mall operators with the necessary knowledge to navigate the rapidly changing online market. Through a series of ten lectures, we cover topics such as organizing a homepage, understanding the framing of current shopping malls and online marketing, and providing insights into conducting online business-related activities after completing the course.

While creating a homepage, including a shopping mall, has become more accessible, emerging as a strong contender in the competitive content landscape is crucial for survival in online marketing. Our initiative offers a unique opportunity for Korean and other Asian individuals involved in or interested in operating online shopping malls to access free lectures, a rarity in Korean education. We believe that mastering content competition is the key to success in the online market, and we hope you find value and enjoyment in our web design and online marketing classes.

Your interest and participation are warmly welcomed.

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