-hereditary : handed down from father to son 세습

-owe any overdue : debt any past deadline

-declared : claimed

-incompetent : incapable legally incompetent : you can’t take care of yourself

-confined : to keep somebody inside the limits 구금

-communism : the government owns and controls everything china or north Korea

-totalitarianism : the governments has complete control over everything and the people have no power

-terrorist organization : use violence for political or religious purpose

-overthrow : remove a government from power force 타도

-persecuted : to hurt someone badly because of religious or political beliefs 박해

-genocide : murder of whole community 집단학살 because of religion or race

-torture : 고문 to cause great pain to someone

-forcing sexual contact or relations : touching someone’s privvate parts when he doesn’t want it

-hurt : physical pain or injury

-rebel : to fights a government 반역

-guerrilla : a group that uses weapons to attack military, government or other people

-vigilante : a group of people who act like the police but not official police

-militia : an army but not part of the official military

-paramilitary unit : a group of people who ac like a military but are not of the official military

-insurgent 반란군 group that uses weapon and fights against a government

-detention 구금 : place where people are forced to stay

– labor camp : a place where people are forced to work

– recruit =ask , enlist = sign up , conscript = require

– convict 유죄 declare to be guilty of a criminal offense

-rehabilitator program? : something like outside jail

-probation = you don’t have to go to jail but still have to talk to the police

-prostitute 매춘 : has sex for money

-alimony = money pay to ex husband

-deportation proceeding = the courts ask if you need to leave the country

-genocide : killing a group of people

-self-defense unit : a group that protects a place using weapons

-prison camp: a place to keep enemy soldiers during a war


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